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The term “Seller” as used below shall mean , FN PISTOL USA, LLC, and their affiliates and related companies.



By purchasing any item from Seller, whether by mail or in person, the buyer warrants as follows:

Conditions of purchase:

I confirm that I am of legal age to own the products included in this order and that there are no laws, rules or regulations applicable in the state where I live, including federal law, that prevent me from owning, purchasing and possessing these objects. I understand that I, alone, am responsible for knowing the laws, rules or regulations applicable in the state where I live, including federal law.

Specifically, I am not prohibited from legally purchasing/possessing any of the following under your local or state law, or under federal law:

Ammunition, Blackpowder Firearms, Firearm Accessories and Components, Airguns, Replica Firearms, Airsoft Guns or Blowguns, Knives or Bayonets, Pepper Spray, Brass Knuckles, Stun Guns and High-Capacity Magazines.

I also confirm that I will not ship any products or information outside of the United States in violation of International Trafficking in Arms Regulations (ITAR) regulations.

Finally, I agree to be legally bound by all Seller’s Terms and Conditions of Sale below.

Lead Warning! I understand that discharging, cleaning, or handling ammunition and/or firearms may cause exposure to lead.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions of sale are applicable to all sales of Seller’s products or services, and all quotations, purchase requests, order acknowledgements, and invoices from Seller to you as a customer (“You/Your” or “Purchaser”). The below are the only terms and conditions applicable to the sale of Seller’s products. The acceptance of the below terms and conditions are required for You to purchase Seller’s products and apply to any and all purchases by You from Seller. Any and all additional or different terms or conditions are rejected by Seller and shall be void and have no effect on Your purchase. Seller reserves the right to change or alter this warranty policy.

Your Account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password for Seller’s website. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. You may not assign or otherwise transfer Your account to any other person or entity. You acknowledge that Seller is not responsible for third party access to Your account that results from theft or misappropriation of Your account. Seller reserves the right to refuse or cancel service, terminate accounts, or remove or edit content on its website in its sole discretion. Seller is not responsible for any typographical errors on its website or advertising materials, or in these terms and conditions.

Age Restrictions. Before entering an order with Seller, You must confirm that You are not prohibited from purchasing the products under Your local and state law, as well as federal law. You, alone, are responsible for knowing and confirming that You are not prohibited from making any such purchases. You agree that Seller shall not be responsible to refund the purchase price or accept the return of any products on the basis of inability to legally purchase or own the products.

Orders. Your order is placed subject to the availability of Seller’s stock. In case of shortage of supply, Seller shall inform You via email of any delay associated with a Your order, any backorders, or partial delivery or cancellation of the order. Upon receipt of such information, You may accept any delay in delivery or seek reimbursement for the price of the unavailable ordered. Reimbursement shall be made in the same manner as payment was tendered by You. Seller shall not be held liable for any delay or cancellation of Your order.

Title. Seller shall retain full ownership of its products until the complete payment of the sales price and incidental costs is made by You and received by Seller.

Prices. Prices are in U.S. Dollars and are subject to change without notice. Time of payment is of the essence. All orders are accepted subject to Seller’s price in effect at time of purchase.

All orders are subject to inventory availability.

All orders are fully cancelable by FN PISTOL USA.

Any order acknowledgement issued by FN PISTOL USA is not a guarantee of product availability, delivery dates, or pricing.

Canik Firearms Shop USA reserves the right to change order quantities, prices, and delivery schedules.

Payment. Your order shall be paid for by our available payments once the order has been validated and accepted by Seller. Seller accepts and complete payment immediately after acceptance of these terms and shipment of Your order. You warrant that You have the authority and right to use the payment card and that You are fully authorized to pay for the order. The identification You provide must match the name on the credit card. You hereby authorize Seller to charge your credit card in connection with your purchase and agree to tender payment to Seller for your purchase. 

Taxes. Vermont & Florida dealers should provide a copy of their state sales tax exemption certificate. Otherwise State Sales Tax must be included with your order (VT. 6%, FL 6.5%).

Product Returns. All returns subject to 15% restocking fee and must have an authorization number. An authorization number may be obtained by contacting our Customer Service at Info@fnpistol.com No items will be accepted for return after 30 days from date of shipment. We will not reimburse shipping fees on returned products. Damage claims must save the original box. WARNING – it is extremely dangerous and a violation of federal and/or state law, to ship or mail any firearms or accessories that contain live ammunition! A firearm that is shipped loaded may discharge causing serious injury or death. Before returning anything to Seller, please make sure that it is completely unloaded. All firearms and magazines shipped to Seller must be completely empty of live ammunition. All empty casings must also be removed from chambers and magazines. Please do not ship live ammunition in any form to Seller without prior written approval from Seller. If approved, live ammunition must be sent separately from any firearm. Never place ammunition in the box with a firearm return. Shipping of ammunition must be by ground transport and marked ORM-D.

Compliance with Laws. You are solely responsible for knowing all laws, rules or regulations applicable in the state where You reside for any products purchased from Seller. Seller shall not be responsible, nor liable, to You or any third-parties for Your unlawful purchase or possession of any of Seller’s products. As a condition of purchase, You hereby confirm that You are of legal age to own Seller’s products purchased and that Your purchase or ownership of any such products is not in violation of any applicable laws, rules or regulations. In light of the ever-changing laws, rules and regulations enacted or proposed by federal, state and local governmental entities, Seller has implemented sales polices that may exceed governmental restrictions. Because of this, situations may arise where Seller’s sales policies are more stringent than how others may interpret a law or regulation. We want to thank all our customers for understanding our policies.

Magazine Sales Restrictions. Unless you are a dealer or a retailer purchasing under an appropriate federal firearms license (“FFL”), the following state and local restrictions apply:

  • No magazine over 10 round capacity available for sale in CT; CA; DC; HI; MA; MD; NY; NJ; Cook County, (Chicago) IL.
  • No magazine over 15 round capacity available for sale in CO; Aurora, IL and Cicero, IL.
  • No magazine over 16 round capacity available for sale in Franklin Park, IL.
  • No magazine over 20 round capacity available for sale in MD.
  • No magazine over 30 round capacity available for sale in OH.
  • No magazine over 35 round capacity available for sale in Riverdale, IL.


All new manufactured Canik parts and accessories have a 30-day repair/replacement/refund period. If the merchandise is returned to Seller’s warehouse in “as advertised” condition, You will be charged a 15% restocking fee and will not be reimbursed return shipping costs.

For information on the Canik Firearms warranty, please see the warranty page on https://www.fnpistol.com/